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You Crate BOL

You Crate ® Bill of Lading

Click here to submit a Bill of Lading.

Fill in all fields and click submit at the top of the page when complete. You may also save a copy of the document to your computer or print the document through Adobe Reader.

A Bill of Lading, or BOL, is a document created by a freight shipping company that recognizes specific goods received and loaded for transporting to a location. The BOL lists origin and destination information, Terms and Conditions, payment information and more. Once the Bill of Lading is submitted we will contact you to verify the information and schedule a pickup time.

When we pick up your crates, the Bill of Lading (BOL) is signed by the driver and yourself. Completing the BOL and submitting in advance helps ensure that all details pertaining to your You Crate shipment are finalized before the day of pickup. We pride ourselves on being the easiest crate shipping company for our customers, doing our best to take a proactive approach to every shipment. This is just another way You Crate works to be your premier custom crating solution!

Read about our Load & Protect ® Service for another way You Crate is the safest, most reliable crate shipping company.